VibroRoll Hyperice Vyper
Battery Type Lithium Lithium
Vibration Frequency 32-59Hz 28-38Hz
Speed Levels 4 3
Intensity Levels 1-10 N/A
Material German/Japan imported EPP German-made outershell
RRP £160 £154.99


The VibroRoll uses the combination of pressure and vibration technology to work through thick layers of muscle tissue to help you warm up and loosen your muscles faster, while increasing your rate of recovery and range of motion.

Professional athletes use vibration body rollers to ease sore muscles by loosening up the fascia (a densely woven web of connective tissue intertwining the muscle). With the VibroRoll, you can improve your workout performance, especially when used pre-workout.

Offering more than 2 hours of use per charge, the VibroRoll offers 3 different speed settings to allow you to customise your desired intensity for self-massage, warm up, alleviation of muscle tension (to reduce risk of injury) and increase joint flexibility.



  • Supply high-intensity vibration to target area
  • 3 customisable speed settings controlled digitally
  • High-quality, German-made exterior for maximum vibration transfer
  • 16.8 rechargeable lithium ion batteries (2+ hours use per charge)


  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Increase training performance
  • Lengthen and loosen muscles to increase range of motion and flexibility
  • Improve circulation to aid in pre-exercise warm up
  • Speed up recovery by alleviating muscle soreness and tension


1. Faster warm up and muscle loosening
2. Acceleration of muscle healing process
3. Increased rate of recovery
4. Increased range of motion
5. Better penetration through thick layers of muscle tissues

The VibroRoll is a leading innovation in fitness equipment. The vibration technology enabled body roller delivers high intensity vibrations to target tense or sore muscles. These vibrations help to amplify the effects of circulation, loosening of muscles and increasing flexibility and mobility which traditional fitness foam rollers cannot compete with. This makes the VibroRoll ideal for warm ups before physical activity and for recovery after.

To maintain flexibility and range of motion, it is important to ensure soft tissues, such as the muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons are kept loose. While foam rollers can help the body stay loose, adding high intensity vibrations at the optimal frequency takes the effects to a whole new level. The technology behind VibroRoll has been used by the world’s best athletes to warm up and recover from training and competition. Now, you too can always be at the top of your game and at the peak of your performance.

RRP: £160

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